I don’t think I’m the only one who does this.

At least I hope not.

I don’t want to feel alone in my own “specialness.”

Here’s what I’m talking about…..Something goes wrong in my business – real or perceived – and the downward spiral begins.

I imagine all kinds of crazy negative things.  And before I know it, in my mind, my entire business has failed and I have to go get a job where I sit behind a desk in a dark office with no windows, for 10 hours a day, doing data entry, with a boss who micromanages my every move. <— This …. my friend …. is my nightmare scenario when I allow my mind to take the downward spiral.

You notice I used the phrase “allow my mind”.  We have to give our minds the permission to spiral. It may not feel like permission. It may feel like it just goes there with no warning and no time to stop it.

BUT …..

We DO have control over this spiral.

There are these things in our brain called neural pathways. These are basically like paths in the woods. The more you walk a path, the less resistance you get because it becomes a well-worn and wide path.

Our negative thoughts become worry which can become panic which will paralyze you into non-momentum. Continue this escalation too many times and we form a well-worn path with little resistance. Our “negative” neural pathways become larger based on the number of times we allow our thoughts to go off the charts.

AND (thank you, Jesus!), the opposite is true. The neural pathway gets grown over because we don’t use it anymore.

This is where we take a stand and ‘don’t allow’ our minds spiral.

I’m living proof that we can choose to stop the negative spiral.

As I learned about neural pathways, I confronted this downward spiral and was able to greatly reduce the intensity and length.

Did the spiraling immediately stop? NO. But what DID happen was the more I refused my brain the permission to spiral… that easy and wide neural pathway began to grow over and the less easy it was for me to spiral.

I had an incident a few days ago and I was shocked how quick I was over it.  I mean, a matter of minutes. I actually found it more difficult to spiral downward than to just get over it and move on. And thus the motivation for me to be vulnerable and write this letter to you.

I hope you don’t ever spiral and that this letter was a waste of your time!!

BUT, if you find yourself in the negative spiral, here are a few exercises to help you:

  • Immediately pull out your bible and find the red lettered portions. These are the words of Jesus and this is where you will find His promises.
  • Listen to some worship music. Have a few ‘go to’ songs that will speak truth to you. When I have been down the farthest, this song was everything to me. https://youtu.be/TdqenA8k_GU
  • Pray. Stop what you’re doing and pray. Just talk to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your guide.

I hope this helps.

Here’s my prayer for you….

Father, thank you for giving us the power to have a sound mind. Thank you for your hand of protection over us. Thank you that we are your masterpiece.  Thank you for self-discipline, confidence and boldness.  Today I ask that You help us hold ourselves to YOUR standard but ALSO measure ourselves by YOUR GRACE.

In Jesus Name,


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