Direction Mastermind Groups

It’s lonely at the top. It can also be overwhelming. A Direction Mastermind Group serves to bring hope and connectedness with those who have walked on your path or are right beside you on their journey. This safe space to meet fellow entrepreneurs in the trenches is a breath of fresh air. It helps quiet you so you can hear what God is speaking to you. There’s just something life giving about locking arms with confidantes to elevate one another.

About the Mastermind

This Mastermind Concept is designed for the business owner who enjoys collaboration and is
happy to devote monthly in-person time to a Mastermind group. She has an established brand.
No matter where her company resides in the growth cycle, she sees the need to link arms with
other female business owners to surge to her next milestone. She has a deep appreciation for
standing alongside other women and championing one another. She seeks a safe place to share
her goals and dreams with peers.

What Other's Say

After years of being tired, overwhelmed, and stressed out by owning a business, I was ready to give up and walk away from entrepreneurship entirely.  Thankfully, my husband connected with Jennifer Edwards and she invited me to join one of her Mastermind groups.  Initially, I believed I was so far beyond help that going to one more group or one more meeting was the last thing I needed. I had even hired another business coach to help me and the experience was just another source of frustration and discouragement.  Thank goodness I listened to the prompting of the Lord and took a leap of faith.

Within 24 hours of the first official meeting of our core group, I felt something I had almost forgotten existed: HOPE.  Jennifer’s knowledge and expertise in addition to her spirit-led gift to meet Christian business owners in the trenches was a breath of fresh air and exactly the kind of safe space I needed to begin to hear the Lord’s direction for my business.  As we have continued to meet, I have not only received practical help for daily issues; I have also received support and encouragement for myself as a woman, a Christ-follower, and an entrepreneur.

I still face hardships and struggles in the daily grind of my business, but through Jennifer and my Mastermind group, I also experience God’s grace and provision in tangible and miraculous ways.   I am hopeful to see what the Lord does through this group and, by extension, through me and my business in the years to come.   I will never be walking alone again, and that brings peace of mind that is priceless. 

Ready to Join the Next Mastermind?

The Mastermind Groups begin quarterly. The current groups are full, but if you leave us a message we’ll let you know when the next groups open up. 

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