One-to-One Consulting

One to one consulting is invaluable. Coupled with decades of entrepreneurship experience is priceless. Jennifer’s approach to coaching and consulting is based on her love of people and her desire to see high profitability in small businesses.

Her sense of responsibility to do what she says she’s going to do is refreshing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Tulsa and communication scoring as her #3 strength on the Clifton’s Strengthfinders assessment, you’ll find her easy to talk to and more importantly, easy to understand.

She believes strongly that her calling in life is to small business owners, particularly Christian owners and even more specifically, women in these roles. One of the strengths you will witness as you chat with Jennifer is her ability to spot patterns and issues as you share with her.

She works with you to ensure your vision for your business is clear and concise while at the same time ensuring it fits your personal strengths.

With all of that said, please reach out for a discovery call even if you aren’t in search of a business coach or consultant. One of Jennifer’s loves is to connect people. She would enjoy getting to know you and the business you have in the event she can connect you with a potential client.

What other's have said.

Tony R

Jennifer’s approach is warm, engaging and transparent. Trust and integrity are two things I value most in business. She helps me identify both strength and weaknesses in my business in a way that keeps my dignity intact. She’s been advising me how to structure my goals for success. Our weekly meeting are engaging and encouraging. She has empowered me to take risks, to fail fast. I cannot say enough about the confidence she has developed in me

Trisha J

How to describe working with Jennifer Edwards: while growing your business, she keeps you on task…and she does this in an upbeat, positive manner. When leaving a meeting with Jennifer, one is energized, empowered, and upbeat — ready to attack your assignments (yes, there is homework). She joins us with laughter and joy — and sometimes even a tear or two. All in all, working with Directions and Jennifer Edwards is an amazing, invaluable, and eye-opening experience.

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