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Right Place, Right Time

Right Place, Right Time

God knows who needs our businesses and will ensure they cross our paths.

He created us.

He placed in us the talents we use every day as owners.

He placed the desire to be an entrepreneur in our hearts.

So therefore, our businesses serve an important purpose to others and to God.

When we remember to submit it ALL to Him, He orchestrates people finding us, even when we’re not looking. Don’t get me wrong, we have to play our part and be prepared for them.

Our role is to get out and plant tons of seeds ….. tons!

People have to know what we’re doing.

Our heart and story have to be shared so the right people know we exist.

We must do the foundational work to ensure we immediately recognize our ideal client.

How do I know all of these things? Because I’ve spent the last couple of years living it and learning it (the hard way) so He can use my life stories to help others. Here’s a fun story to illustrate what happens when we’re prepared.

Ron and I took Friday afternoon off to decompress.  I have a weird little rule for my company. If there are 5 Fridays in a month, I ALWAYS take the 5th one off. It sneaks up on me and is a nice surprise.

We decided to have lunch at Mother Road Market, a food court near downtown Tulsa. While Ron was getting his food, I roamed around to the other side browsing the different menus.  I chose a food vendor and ordered. As I was waiting, a nice gentleman struck up a conversation. We chatted about the food. He mentioned he doesn’t get over here much as he’s from Broken Arrow. I responded that my husband and I both work in Broken Arrow and also seldom eat there. I told him I’d taken the day off because – well – I’m an entrepreneur and I can.  (Don’t you LOVE the freedom which comes with being an entrepreneur?) He said that he too was an entrepreneur and told me about his business.

He asked about what I do and I gave him a brief explanation, that I’m a biz consultant and I do business audits of systems and procedures to ensure small businesses are performing at peak levels and if needed, are ready to sell. His ears perked up and he began asking about my pricing and what those services looked like. Because I customize my services for the needs of every business, it’s difficult to throw numbers out there, so I gave him my “everything including the kitchen sink” package price.  He seemed very interested and asked for my card.

I did NOT set out to network that day. Remember, it was my 5th Friday day off so I didn’t have my networking hat on. To be transparent, I was happy not talking to anyone (except Ron). I talk to people all day, every day and sometimes, I just need a break. (<- truth bomb)

I handed my day and business over to God and went on my merry way.

He knew exactly where I’d be and He had a plan.

He went before me and He helped me choose a specific food booth.

He created the timing for my food to be prepared so I’d have time to meet a stranger who just happens to fall into my ideal client category. Most of the time, when we see the phrase, right place at the right time, it’s associated with happenstance or luck.

I don’t believe in either of those but I do believe that God orchestrates meetings.
Even on my  fifth Friday day off,
even at the random food court booth,
even at 2 pm, well after lunch time,
even while waiting for food.

He orchestrates…..

Here’s what my involvement of the * right place and the right time * included……

  • I know my ideal client so well, that I can identify them with only a few questions in a conversation.
  • I handed my business over to God 100%, which looks like;
    • Giving up on controlling everything.
    • Complete surrender….I told Him it was His and if He wanted to shut it all down and have me get a  job, I’d be obedient.
    •  Asking Him to take it and refine it (like a silversmith) so that He could see His reflection in me and my businesses.
  • Allowing myself time off and away from my business shows God that I REALLY trust Him and have loosened my grip.
  • allow God to be the one who determines the strategy for my businesses. I have to allow Him to be in control.

Spoiler alert & reality check – He’s already in control, you’re just in his way when you try to control everything. I’m just sayin’.

As entrepreneurs, our super power and our kryptonite are the same thing.


We are natural born leaders. We will always tend towards trying to control outcomes. This is how we’re built and this is how God made us. On the flip side, the one area He expects us to loosen our grip is with Him. Every single day, He has a plan…..as do we. Our job is to sit quietly before Him and offer our plan to Him and allow the Holy Spirit in His still and small voice, to direct. He WILL show up when you invite Him. He WILL speak to you and guide you. Your part to play is to be quiet and listen.

Do you have a place and time to meet with God every morning so He can guide your day? Do you allow your day to be guided? Do you stop long enough to hear the ‘still, small voice?’

My prayer for you today, my entrepreneurial friend, is that you, like me, finally step away from control and realize that when you lay your identity and business on the alter, He will be there. I pray you will find a time in the morning to sit quietly and have a conversation with the One who loves you. I pray you fully realize the talents God has placed in you and see yourself through His eyes, NOT society’s lens. I pray for your business and that it is what makes your heart happy and is 100% in alignment with God’s purpose and plan. I pray that when you meet people, they can see Jesus before they even see you and are drawn to You. I pray God shows up in such a big way and does such big things that you cannot doubt it was all Him.

I pray all of this in Jesus name, Amen.

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

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