Rest In The Mystery

Rest in the Mystery

I listen to podcasts while driving from appointment to appointment. I don’t have an office away from my home so all of my appointments are at coffee shops.

I drive a lot.

I learn a ton from my podcasts. I’ll link them below.

In fact, if you’ve spoken to me about business much at all, you know that about ¾ (<– ¾ may be an exaggeration!) of my sentences begin with

“I was just listening to a podcast……”

I’ve gained an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom from listening to a well curated list of podcasts. I consider it my professional development.  A couple of the ones on my list below aren’t necessarily business related but I still get valuable information from them. In fact, this email is based on Annie F. Downs’ Podcast called “That Sounds Fun” where she interviewed Chris Rice.

Here’s the link:
Annie F. Downs’ interview with Chris Rice

At one point in the podcast, Chris Rice made the statement that he’s ‘more at rest in the mystery than in the confidence’. He was referring to the mystery of God’s plan.

I was driving…. so at every stop light, I would grab my phone and scroll back to that part. I must have listened to this portion a bazillion times (<– Bazillion might be another exaggeration :-).  When I got home, I listened to it again and took notes.

The concept – ‘to be more at rest in the mystery than in the confidence’ – was so foreign to me. I was so intrigued. AND, I WANTED WHAT CHRIS RICE HAD. You see, I am never content with the mystery. I am ALWAYS trying to figure out the next thing. I HATE not knowing the plan.


I named my business ‘Direction’ because I figured everyone I consulted and coached could relate.

After-all, isn’t everyone like me?

They feel the need to know the direction for their business and to stay on that course, right?

Is that just me?


Ok….maybe it’s just me.

Y’all…. This ‘rest in the mystery’ business was just so much for my brain to comprehend. But I leaned into it.  I dug into the Word. I embraced this concept. I realized it was exactly what my entrepreneurial brain desperately longed for.

And the result of this lesson from Chris Rice and Annie F. Downs is that when I get all keyed up …

I stop.

I think about the fact that resting in the mystery is really where it’s all at. It’s everything my heart needs!

This is where I hear from God.

This is where the Holy Spirit can nudge me and I can actually realize that He nudged me.

When I’m all keyed up, it’s practically impossible to catch the nuances of God’s spirit leading me to the places He wants me to go.

But in rest…….

oh friends…..

in rest, I can hearfeel and know HIM.

Not that Annie F. Downs or Chris Rice will ever see this email, but I’m just so thankful for all the nuggets of wisdom I gained. This episode is 1 hour and 7 minutes. It’s worth every single second. Let me know what you get out of it.

Also, I’d love to know your favorite podcasts because I don’t want to miss out on a thing!!

Here are my favorite podcasts in no particular order:

That Sounds Fun – Annie F. Downs
Biz Chix – Natalie Eckdahl
Business Boutique – Christy Wright
Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur – Shae Bynes
Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield
The Enneagram Journey – Susan Stabile
Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

I’m subscribed to a bunch more but these are my favorites right now.

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