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Refuse To Worry

Refuse To Worry

Matthew 6:34
(The Passion Translation)
“Refuse to worry about tomorrow but
deal with each challenge that comes your way,
one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself. “

I’ve had this scripture solidly grounded in my life since 2008. I remember this vividly because it was during the economic crash which wreaked havoc on small businesses like ours. It helped me survive some really tough days.  So, when it showed up in my Bible Study Plan, I kinda felt like I already knew all of this. Afterall, I leaned heavily on this scripture for a few years as the economy continued to be a mess. I even had it below my email signature line for those years.
As God often does, He showed me a new thing in His Word.

It begins with a strong statement from Jesus. We know it’s Jesus because it’s in red in the Bible. There’s really no other way to interpret this verse other than it’s a direct order from headquarters ….. orders from Jesus.
He said: “Refuse to worry.”
So…when we ‘refuse’ to do something, we’re taking a stand, right? We are NOT gonna do something. Like a stubborn 2-year-old, we cross our arms, stomp our feet, dig in our heels and stare with that look so no one will even consider messing with us.

refusing is a decision.
It’s an action.
It’s something we’re determined to control.
Jesus ordered us to ‘refuse! We are to refuse worry. In other words, he ordered us to make a decisiontake action and control our mind so it doesn’t worry. And here’s the cool part. He would NOT have ordered this if He hadn’t already given us the POWER to accomplish it!


This refusal to worry about tomorrow means that we’re deciding to refuse whatever lie we’ve believed and to allow ourselves peace about whatever the future holds.  Are you following me here?
I DON’T HAVE TO KNOW God’s plan at all. I don’t need to know the future. Furthermore, knowing the future is not even possible anyway! I CHOOSE peace and refuse worry. He takes care of the rest. And isn’t that life giving and peace inducing?


I’m going to share a prayer from my personal journal. I wrote:

“I’m excited about getting my mindset out of the rat race and into Your timing! The lies told to me that are keeping me from aligning with your purpose are one by one being removed out of me. Thank you for flooding my mind, spirit and soul with so much truth that there’s no room left for the lies.”

It boils down to this. Worry is simply lies, taking hold. We have no way of knowing for certain what may or may not happen tomorrow.  So, anything we worry about is made up. It’s a lie.

Please refuse to believe the lie.
Please choose to believe the Word.
Please CHOOSE peace.

God needs a bunch of
crazy cool Christian entrepreneurs,
who don’t worry about tomorrow
and instead focus on what’s right in front of them
and trust Him for tomorrow’s issues. 

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