Permission To Catch My Breath

You Let Me Catch My Breath

Psalms 23:3 Message Bible

“True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.”
I    L O V E    T H I S

Don’t we all get so loaded down in the hurried culture surrounding this time of year and just NEED a second to catch our breath? I love the Message version’s take on a scripture we already know so well.

You LET ME ——

He lets us.

He gives us PERMISSION to stop for a moment so we can catch our breath. So, we can see the love and miracles and fun and purpose all around us.

Here’s the thing. He already knew we’d be in a tizzy about half the time. If He didn’t, there would be no need for this scripture.

What a gift to me to catch my breath so I can re-focus on what’s important! THEN, He sends me in the right direction.

He sends me…….

Not ME striving to figure it all out.
He sends me.

He points.

I go.

So today, I’m going to ‘let’ this scripture stop me in my tracks to catch my breath. To help me realize I don’t have to race around all of the time.

  • That I have some breathing to attend to.
  • That I have some proverbial flowers to stop and smell.
  • That I have beautiful sunrises and sunsets to just stare at until they’re over.

It’s in these moments of quietness that I can hear His direction for my next step. What a precious gift he’s given us.

May this day, of all days, be one where you stop to catch your breath, be intentional with those you love and take a moment to honor who was born.

Merry Christmas,

Jennifer Edwards

Image by: Photo by Paula May on Unsplash

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