Peace ….. Trust ….. Healing

Have you ever known someone who’s story is so compelling that you want the world to know?

Well….I know a person like that.

Her name is Edie Tolbert.  She is the owner of Stonebrook Day Spa in Catoosa. She’s also the founder of The Stonebrook Project, a non-profit organization.

The spa’s profits are used to serve cancer patients, FREE OF CHARGE. Because the need was so great, she founded the The Stonebrook Project to fund even more patient services. 

This isn’t just any spa. This is a gorgeous facility employing professional, experienced staff. Her massage therapists are all oncology certified. Edie isn’t kidding around. She’s serious about providing the highest quality services to both her regular clients and cancer patients.  

Even more impressive than all of that, is how she’s guided by her Heavenly Father. 

Because her story is so important, I asked her to write it. I didn’t want you to miss a thing……



How do you know the Holy Spirit is talking to you?

Recently someone asked me, “How do you know the Holy Spirit is talking to you?” My answer, “I just do.” But did I always know? A simple but firm “no” would be the answer.
can tell you, the first definitive time I heard the voice of the Lord, was the Sunday before my breast biopsy.
It was a cold day in January. I had just had my gall bladder removed and I snuck into church and sat on the back pew.

My plan?

To sneak in and out so that I did not have to answer any questions. No one knew about the biopsy except my husband, my pastor and our Praise & Worship pastor. During worship, every song was for me.




Sobbing on the back pew with my hands raised so high that I could literally “touch the hem of His garment” for healing and peace; then the music stopped. The music pastor said the Holy Spirit told him to ask me to come down for prayer. ME. EDIE TOLBERT. I did not hesitate; I pretty much ran to the altar!
So much for sneaking in and out of church without questions.
Standing at the altar with my hands raised high, many came, laid hands on me and prayed. As I walked back to my seat, I heard

“You are going to be ok.”

I smiled with tears running down my cheeks and knew with certainty, I was going to be ok.
Peace. Trust. Healing.
A few days later, the biopsy and the call with the results. Good news and bad news. The left breast was benign but the right breast, “Stage 0 DCIS.”  Carcinoma. Three spots.
In March, I had a single mastectomy and reconstruction. The best news? No cancer in my lymph nodes, which meant…..CANCER FREE! God had a plan. He healed me that Sunday at the altar. No chemo. No radiation. Cancer free. There is a bigger purpose. A bigger plan.
I heard a sermon a few years later that taught me how to talk to God. A conversation. Just like talking to a friend. Not a “king James version”  conversation; a conversation with my best friend. So, that’s when I started talking to God and He started talking back.

I heard Him.
I hear God when I am in my car. Taking a shower. In a song. In a store or restaurant.  I want to hear Him and see what He sees. I want to serve people like He would serve them.
You see, when we have the heart of Jesus, we can be the hand of Jesus.

We will hear His directive and move in the direction He wants us to move. Why? To receive ALL that He has for us. There is so much more He wants for us if we will just be still, listen and move. In that order.
If only I had more time and word count to share with you what He has done.
Be still.        Listen.        Move.
More to come……
Edie Tolbert


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