Feb 10 2021

Only Those Who Are Against Me Are Actually Against Me

…for anyone who is not against you is your friend.
Luke 9:50 TPT

“Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.”
~ Jonnie Mott 

My friend Jonnie used to say this to me all the time. I was genuinely fascinated by her ability to make friends and help each of them feel special no matter how long she’d known them. So when I read this scripture, I thought of her immediately. She lived out this scripture in front of me so I knew what it looked like in human form.

So…….let’s read that scripture a little slower…….


who is NOT

against you

is your friend……

That was a heavy revy (heavy revelation) for me.

The enemy would have me believe that EVERYONE is against me.

Scripture tells me quite the opposite.

Only those who are against me… are ACTUALLY against me.

So unless I KNOW they’re against me….. the rest are my friends.

Furthermore….I have no idea even who is actually against me unless they tell me. Otherwise I’m just assuming and we all know where that’ll get us.

This world has been isolated and divided. In that process, we may ‘think’ people are against us because of the isolation….the division.


as we all begin to step out of the darkness and back into the light, won’t we find that the thing we’ve ALL gone through, provides us with a COMMONALITY? We are far from divided.

Think about this…..

It’s the first time in our generation that every person on the planet has something in common.

Every one of us have experienced the pandemic of 2020. This doesn’t divide us – this joins us all uniquely into the same season in life.

So, let’s not assume that people are against us. Let’s follow scripture – Jesus’ own words – and make the decision to believe that everyone is our friend unless they tell us otherwise.

As entrepreneurs, doesn’t this reduce at least some level of stress? As we all think about how to move forward, we can take the concern of ‘people’ off our list.  Jesus said that unless they’re against us, they’re our friend. If we walk into each interaction with Jesus’ words, our days will feel a little lighter and much more fun.

I hope this helped someone as much as it helped me.

My prayer for you…..

Abba Father, today I come to you with a prayer for my friend reading this. I’m asking you to send them random people. That the enemy doesn’t have a chance to whisper negativity and these random people become their friend and then their clients. I pray as they provide their services to these new clients, the word will spread with a Holy Spirit wild fire and they will see an increase like they’ve never seen before. I pray for past efforts in marketing, networking and especially any paid advertising, let those efforts become more effective than they’ve ever been. Let the return on investment for those efforts be multiplied based on YOUR word, not the world’s. I ask all of this in Jesus Name and for His glory alone, Amen

Your Friend,

Jennifer Edwards, Owner
Direction Entrepreneurial Solutions, LLC

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