Little Cracked Rock

Cracked But Not Crushed

Ron and I were walking along Imperial Beach (San Diego, California) a few days ago. There were these giant granite boulders placed there to hinder erosion.

Ron noticed this tiny rock….. just sitting there.



Cracked but not crushed.

How is it possible that this tiny rock is literally holding up this weight?

This picture tells so many stories. I wish I had gotten a broader view of ALL that this little rock was holding up.  There were several layers of boulders and even houses above those. This tiny rock was playing a part in the bigger picture.

The tide was coming up and the waves would soon be crashing against this boulder and the tiny cracked rock. Yet, after so many previous high tides, here sat this incredible example of…. something. I knew I had to show this picture to you and write about it… but even as I sit here, I’m still trying to decide which way to go with this …….

  • Is it an example of strength in brokenness?
  • Is it an example of the power of consistency against the daily tides and occasional storm?
  • Does it tell the story of how a tiny thing can be the foundation for something so much bigger?
  • Is it the proverbial mustard seed size faith that can do more than we could ever imagine?

OR, maybe……..

I’m not supposed to tell the story for you,


just maybe….

you’re supposed to stop for a second, scroll back up to the picture and ponder what this tiny rock means to YOU.

Maybe it resonated with you based on the examples I gave above or

Maybe, you felt something completely different.

If you feel so compelled, I’d love to hear what this little ‘cracked but not crushed’ rock spoke to you.

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