I Give You Permission

I Give You Permission…….

Hey entrepreneur! 🎄

Let me tell you a little Christmas story. 🎄

When Ron and I owned the fire protection company, everything landed on my desk. Every piece of paper that filtered through our company. The piles would get out of control until I’d finally take a day to go through it all. It was a February day when I embarked on this task.

Guess what I found?

A stack of UNOPENED Christmas cards.

Yep, I sure did.

🎄You know what I decided right then and there? That if I had piles of paper which stacked up during the hectic holidays, others probably do too.

So, we made a decision to think outside the Christmas box. We would send letters and cards to customers when they WEREN’T already getting them from everywhere.

So, we sent Valentines cards!  🎄

And you guessed it. We got tons of response….because they actually saw them….. unlike Christmas cards which get lost in the mix. 🎄

So, with the zero authority I hold in your life, I grant you full permission to take this Christmas and do nothing except make a fun marketing plan to reach out later!!

I’d love to hear what you plan to do.

Very Humbly Yours,

The Grinch ……..
🎄Jennifer Edwards

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