June 17 2021

God’s Entrepreneurial Daughters

Every girl deserves to know she is beautifully designed for this life.

Regardless of where you are on your Christian faith journey, if you are a female Christian business owner, I want you to know something. God sees you!

I feel I have been called to female Christian business owners.

April was my 4th year in my current business. God has consistently narrowed me and my business until I feel like I am finally at the place he wants me. If I had REALLY listened to that ‘still small voice’, I would have gotten here much faster but isn’t it just like strong-willed female entrepreneurs to continually jump and run only to look back and realize God is still standing where we started?

Because of my 25 years as a business owner, I have experienced and witnessed the difficulties associated with being a female entrepreneur. It hits us from practically every direction. I KNOW I have been led here because God’s entrepreneurial Daughters need a place to be seen, heard, understood and a place where they belong.

My calling looks somewhat like this…..

  • This blog. I hope to create a place where you feel understood each time you read it. Words of encouragement through God’s word, inspiration and revelation.


  • I will be creating a virtual group on a platform called Mighty Networks where we can all congregate and chat about all things business related. Stay tuned for this.


  • I will facilitate fun outings for us to go blow off some steam.


  • I plan to also facilitate opportunities to pour into other female business owners.


  • My dream is to organize a retreat for us to get away for a long weekend and be in the midst of those who ‘get’ us.


  • Sharing of podcasts, articles and anything else I think will find its way to your heart to help you understand just how loved you are by your heavenly Father.

My prayer for you…..

Lord, I know you see your daugthers who are striving to be what You need them to be in their business. As they do, help them see exactly how they are to proceed. Give them clear and undeniable plans so they don’t waste any time. Bring trustworthy people into their lives who help shorten the very expensive learning curve. Help them find the work/life balance YOU intend for them. I pray for all revenue that is due them comes in and that there be no unpaid invoices. I pray for your entrepreneurial daughters to meet new clients easily and that every effort and dollar they spend on their marketing brings a return on investment triple what they paid. I ask all of this in your name, Amen

Jennifer Edwards
Entrepreneurial Daughter

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