Knowing our path and being able to recognize distractions is one of the most important parts to this whole business thing.

Wanna know what my distractions lately have been?

Selling our house.



New plans (after selling the house)

The scripture that has recently brought me peace when I beat myself up because I’ve fallen for yet another distraction is:

“He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of blissbearing fruit in everseason of his life. He is never dry, never faintingever blessed, ever prosperous.”
Psalms 1:3 TPT

Oh my gosh! So much GOLD in this scripture.

  • Standing firm
  • Flourishing
  • By God’s design
  • Deeply rooted
  • Brooks of bliss
  • Bearing fruit
  • Every season
  • Never dry
  • Never fainting
  • Ever blessed
  • Ever prosperous

So, when I am weak and find myself crawling back to the path God created for me, I can stand firm.  Not only standing firm, but FLOURISHING because it’s by God’s design. I am deeply rooted…..DEEPLY, not shallow……deeply. And where does God allow me to be deeply rooted? By a brook of bliss. Water is so calming and He roots me there by the brook.

On our vacation last summer, we stayed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a little bed and breakfast called Inn on the Creek.  Just steps away from our door was a babbling brook. I could have stood and watched and listened for hours. There were often ducks at the water’s edge paddling around looking for food. It was one of the most relaxing things I’d ever experienced.  When I read this part of the scripture, I was immediately taken back to those moments in Jackson Hole.  It was most certainly blissful.  There is peace which accompanies being on the path God has prepared for us.

Back to the scripture….

There, deeply rooted by the blissful brook, we are bearing fruit but not seasonally like the trees we are familiar with. No, we are bearing fruit in every season of our lives.  Because he supplies what we need, our soil doesn’t get dry and we don’t get faint or tired. Because when we stay in close relationship with God, there’s no need for hustling.  He does the hustling. We do the work he’s already prepared for us.  And lastly, the scripture says that we are ever blessed and ever prosperous.  After all the other promises, what an amazing final cherry on top.

So….distractions. Wouldn’t the enemy of our soul do everything in his power to keep us distracted from all the promises in Psalm 1:3?

Oh, how his favorite playground is in my head!!!

He knows all the buttons to push surrounding money, like…..if the house would sell, we could pay cash for a smaller house and without a mortgage, we could do all these other things.

Oh, and then there’s the self-doubt toy he throws in my face ….. OFTEN!

But here’s what is amazing about spending quiet time and listening for that ‘still small voice’. Once you become familiar with recognizing it, you hear it LOUDER in the times that the enemy is after you.

When I have self-doubt, Holy Spirit reminds me of all the things God has orchestrated in my life that I could NOT have possibly done myself.

Or when we sit for months with no showings on the house, I’m reminded that God’s plan is bigger than anything I could ever conceive and memories of past home sell experiences prove what a BIG God we have.

As a business owner, knowing our path is one of the most important pieces of this puzzle we call entrepreneurship.  Once we know the path, staying in relationship with God is paramount so we can identify when we’ve followed a distraction.

What are your distractions? What in your life is taking you off of the path God has already cleared for you?

My prayer for you today my sweet entrepreneurial friend is that you find yourself firmly planted by the brook of bliss and that distractions intended to pull you away from that peaceful place are blocked. I pray that as you read and reread Psalm 1:3, you let it sink all the way to the deepest part of your soul. I pray that your business IS flourishing, blessed and prosperous. If it isn’t currently, I pray God will give you exactly what direction you need, to get on His path. I pray all of this in Jesus Name, Amen

Very Humbly Yours,

Jennifer Edwards
Sometimes Distracted Daughter of God

Photo by Tara Scahill on Unsplash

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