Be Fearlessly Authentic

A few months ago I met with a person. Let’s call him “Mr. Hat”. The connection was established in one of those crazy multi person referral situations so I knew nothing of Mr. Hat. He was told my Vision Board Workshops would be a great option for a business group. We met at a local restaurant.

If you know me, you know that I believe Vision Board Workshops are the solution to EVERYTHING. The reason I believe this is because almost every single person I know runs their life on overwhelm AND like a runaway train, only stopping when they crash. I don’t personally believe life has to be like this. I believe we were placed on this earth, at this point in history, born with talents already within us, to fulfill a purpose unique to us. We can only pursue this purpose and hone those talents if we know what they are. In order to know what they are, we have to be purposeful, authentic and intentional. We can’t be purposeful, authentic and intentional if we run our lives on overwhelm and like a runaway train… and so the cycle continues.

I believe life can be peaceful, exciting, fun and rewarding without living the runaway train life. To get there, we have to have clarity about what we authentically want in life. Most usually, if we are really being honest with ourselves, it has less to do with money and a lot more to do with time.

Back to this meeting…. There was probably a time in my life when I would have envied and aspired to be more like Mr. Hat. He had wealth, experience, influence and many suggestions for me to ‘make more money’ but every one included some form of me changing the way I currently help people. The suggestions were all money centered and not people centered. I guess since I’ve experienced life through multiple lenses, I’ve come to realize that what really matters in life is to be exactly who I was made to be and to chase it fearlessly and authentically. And right now in this season in my life, I was made to be a calming voice to hundreds of people who have and will attend my Vision Board Workshops. Does money matter to me? Of course it does. I can’t pay my bills without it. I’m not suggesting it doesn’t matter, what I’m suggesting is far deeper. Life is about peace, people, love, fun, laughter, health, family, friends and the multitude of other pieces which money can’t buy.

I learned so much from this meeting. Mostly I learned a lot about how much I’ve changed over the last 10 years. I’ve gone from co-owning a multi-million dollar company with 32 employees and all the stress associated with it, to being a solopreneur seeking out people I can help one at a time. I’ve learned how being quiet for a few hours and really doing some soul searching can result in some amazing outcomes. I learned that in the last ten years of transition, I have gone from considering revenue potential as a top contender on the list of life importance, to money being a tool to make a difference in this world. I learned that there are people who will NEVER consider what I do as important and that’s ok because I’ve helped more people in the year and a half that I’ve been doing this, than I ever thought I could in a lifetime. I’ve made a difference in people’s lives. I’ve had a front row seat to people’s ‘aha moments’. I’ve read the testimony, which brings me to tears every time I read it because the service I provide, changed the course of a person’s life forever … their words, not mine.

Staying true to myself and being fearlessly authentic is the most important adventure in my life right now. I encourage you to be your most fearlessly authentic self too. If you feel like you need to seek this out for yourself, I encourage you to contact me and let’s schedule a meeting to talk about a Vision Board Workshop.

What are some of the non-monetary things you value most in your life?
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