Author And Perfecter Of Faith

Author and Perfecter of Our Faith

Oh my word, friend!

I don’t cope well with change. (Calling it a “season” instead of “change” helps me. LOL)

God knows this …. which is precisely why I think He consistently brings me from season to season.

Until the last decade, my seasons were in 5-15-year increments. My first job at a pharmacy was for 5 years. I worked at TU for 5 years. We bought and operated a business for 15 years.

In the midst of owning the business for 15 years, every fiber of my being thought we would be there until we died or retired.

And then BOOM!!

God brought a buyer knocking at our door……. and just like that…… we were no longer owners of that business.

At this point, God began to bring me frequently from season to season.

Since 2011:

  • For the first time since I was 16, I was without a job – a stay at home wife.
  • I designed, made and sold jewelry.
  • I opened an artist co-op.
  • I was the Business Manager at my church.

Even now, He has me doing multiple different things at once.

  • I facilitate Vision Board Workshops.
  • I’m a business consultant.
  • I do freelance bookkeeping.
  • I write this cool blog to the coolest people EVER!
  • I’m in the process of co-founding a company to serve Christian Professional Women by creating Mastermind groups for them.

My head spins thinking about all these seasons.

The enemy of my soul tries to use these seasons to make me feel like a failure.  By having frequent seasons, I start to feel flighty and inconsistent…..

Then he screams in my face:

  • You are not enough,
  • You are not doing enough,
  • You do not know enough and
  • You cannot ever be enough …..

But then Jesus!!!!

My Jesus wants me to increase my faith.

He gave us this scripture…..

We look away from the natural realm and we fasten our gaze onto Jesus who birthed faith within us and who leads us forward into faith’s perfection. Hebrews 12:2 The Passion Translation


Jesus birthed our faith…. we didn’t.

Jesus is the perfecter of our faith…..not US.

Isn’t this FREEDOM?

He is the creator and perfecter of my faith. He is using these seasons to PERFECT my faith…. not make me feel like a failure. These seasons have purpose.

The enemy would love for the seasons to derail me. He lies to me to make me feel like a failure. But like today as I’m writing this, I “fasten my gaze onto Jesus”.

Afterall friend, its’ really about the lens right?

I can look through the ‘flighty failure lens’ which can’t quite focus on Jesus


I can take a step back to get a better view and look through the ‘Jesus lens’ and gaze upon Him.  This is where I can see Him using seasons to perfect my faith.  It’s completely up to me which lens I choose to use.

What has God done in your life that the enemy has lied to you about? Have you taken a step back and gazed through the Jesus lens?  The one where He is the author and perfecter of your faith?

What does it look like now? Do you see the lies? Do you instead see Jesus at work in your life?

I’d love to hear your story through the “Jesus” lens.

Very Humbly Yours,

Jennifer Edwards

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