A Perfect Day Of Business For Me Looks Something Like This……..

A Perfect Day in Business….

I wonder if any of my Christian friends do this?

When God asks us to be vulnerable with Him and share a ‘thing’, we pretend we didn’t hear Him correctly or are in denial that He is even asking. It’s buried too deep and it’s too personal.

I think sometimes we see God as a punisher.

I recently went through this. I felt the spirit asking me AGAIN how I identify myself. Am I first an entrepreneur or am I first the Daughter of the King?

Here’s the goofy part….. God already KNEW! He knew I saw myself first as an entrepreneur. He just needed me to trust Him with it.

I was just afraid that by admitting it, that I would be in ‘trouble.’ This says a lot about a lie which had been buried somewhere deep for a long time.

The lie; if I surrender the most prized possession I have, He will be mad and punish me by taking it away.

When lies are planted deep in hard ground, they have to be uprooted through repetitive messages.

Does this happen to you?

A theme or topic arises in my life through a series of messages.

I saw this video from Shae Bynes with Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs. It spoke straight to my heart.  She asks the question, what would it look like if we sacrificed our business on the alter? As often happens to me, I heard something else which followed the same theme. It was this video from Steven Furtick. He asked, “What do I have that I am willfully withholding from God that I need to be honest and lay before Him?”

Because I heard this message several times, I symbolically laid my business on the alter with the full knowledge that He could take it away and with it, what I perceived to be my identity.  What happened next was an experience I hope to hold fully open in my memory forever.

He responded with an overwhelming peace washing over me….

and a question…..

“What does a perfect day of business look like to me?”

This was not what I expected to hear.

Have you ever thought about your perfect day in business?

I hadn’t.

So, I’m taking a moment to answer the question God asked me on November 14th.

A perfect day of business for me looks something like this……..

  • At the end of the day, I feel accomplished.
  • I actually HAVE an end to the day and don’t feel like I need to keep going.
  • I’ve made connections I know are important for both me and the other person?
  • I’ve had the opportunity to connect people who will mutually benefit.
  • Paying clients or not, I’ve used my God-given gifts and talents to serve an entrepreneur in a way that made things a little better for them.
  • I’ve successfully avoided the ‘noise’ which makes me constantly feel like I’m behind.
  • I functioned fully in His purpose for my life and business.

It boils down to this; do we trust God enough to fully surrender the big things to him? From my recent experience, I feel certain that by us allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with God, He asks us questions (to which He already knows the answer) like:

“what is a perfect day in business for you, daughter?”


we get to share our deepest dreams and desire with Him in a way that is genuine and authentic. When He knows that we trust Him with something as big as our identity, our relationship goes to a whole new level.

So, have you thought about what your perfect day in business looks like?

Do any of my ‘perfect day’ bullet points ring true for you?

Which ones?

I’d love to hear about your perfect day in business. I might just want to borrow something of yours!!!

Very Humbly Yours,

Jennifer Edwards

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