A Moment In Time

Am I Paying Enough Attention?

On my morning walks, I feel like the Holy Spirit is pointing out ‘moments in time’ as I marvel at the colors of the changing foliage.

Over and over I heard the still small voice saying, this only happens for a moment so absorb the beauty. I take lots of pictures of the brightest, most beautiful leaves.

I somewhat mourn the trees which in only one day, lost all those gorgeous leaves. I’m left looking at the ground where these leaves have fallen. That voice once again reminded me of the fact that those leaves will be in that pattern for only a ‘moment in time’. The slightest breeze will push them into piles or against the fence. That random pattern is one of nature’s most lovely art masterpieces.
Today as I was walking, now taking as many pictures of the ground full of leaves as I was of the trees still turning their bright colors, I came across a tree which was beginning to shed its leaves.  Again, the ‘still small voice’ said, this ‘moment in time’ is something you will only see today.

As the leaves slowly drifted to the ground, I was reminded that had I not decided to take my walk at that exact time, I wouldn’t have witnessed this moment in time….this ‘in between.’

The ground had a few leaves in that lovely pattern but the tree was still vibrant.

This moment in time, I saw the leaves as they made their way to the ground.

A single moment in time – one to never be witnessed again because in years to come, the wind may blow every leaf off and there’s no slow peaceful flight to the ground. In years to come, this moment may not happen because of many factors far beyond our control.

A moment in time……

What am I to make of all these ‘moments in time’?

Was it meant to be a sweet gift just for me (and you, since I’m sharing these photos)?

What deep meaning has the Holy Spirit been wanting me to recognize as He pointed out all of these ‘moments in time’ on my daily routine walk around the neighborhood?

Maybe there’s no deep meaning at all. Perhaps, it was a gentle reminder for me to recognize ‘moments in time’ I will never get back if I don’t stop long enough to appreciate and enjoy them? I would simply lose out and not even know it.

Have you had any of these ‘moments in time’ lately? I’m wondering if God is telling others to pay attention to ‘moments in time’ too?

My prayer for you today…

Lord, as I witness the beauty of ‘moments in time’, I pray that you help my entrepreneurial friends see what you need them to see. I pray that they, their families and their businesses are healthier than they could ever imagine they could be. I pray for them to be whole and healed. I pray for them to know Jesus in a way they had only watched in others. I pray they have a full experience with the Holy Spirit which leaves them in awe of what an amazing gift it is to have a present guide. I pray for their upcoming holidays and new year to be the best they’ve ever had. In Jesus Name, Amen

Warmest Regards,

Jennifer Edwards, Founder
Direction, LLC

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