When you turn 32, not much happens, really.  It’s kind of an off year. You’ve passed the hardest part which was going from 29 to 30. So… 32 is fairly non-eventful.

When you only have 32 Legos, that’s not really enough to get super creative.

But when the number 32 is associated with the number of years you’ve been married, now THAT is a big deal.  It never really occurs to me what a big deal it is until someone asks and their response is, ‘congratulations, that’s a huge accomplishment.’
Tomorrow, Ron and I will celebrate 32 years of marriage.

So …. my blog today is in honor of the man who STILL makes my heart go pitter patter.

I realize that I mention Ron in my blogs and there are those who have never met him. Let me just describe him for you…..

  • First and foremost, he HATES being the center of attention so this email will be tough for him to read. For this reason, I’ve written and rewritten it about 4,000 times.
  • If you’re an enneagram nerd like me, Ron is a 5.
  • He has integrity like no one else I’ve ever met.
  • He loves to make me laugh….every day.
  • He works hard and has a work ethic unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
  • My personal brand of ‘crazy’ does not scare him in the slightest.
  • Ron believes that truth is ALWAYS the best solution and that sometimes you just have to tell it like ripping off a bandaid.  In his 53 years, this has never failed to fix situations.
  • He has compassion to a degree that would make Mother Teresa proud.
  • He still holds my hand everywhere we go.
  • He supports me in this crazy entrepreneurial journey and never complains.
  • He loves to travel and see new things.
  • He loved his momma with a gentle, genuineness that melted my heart.
  • He’s gone from only eating meat and potatoes when we first married to loving sushi and veggies.
  • He is the baby of 7 kids. He loves his siblings and adores his nieces and nephews.

This is your ‘Ron Edwards’ snapshot.  He does his level best to stay out of crowds and there’s a really good chance you won’t ever meet him. He’s a master at slipping out of a room unseen. This is the enneagram 5 in him.

I adore this man with every fiber of my being. I am beyond grateful for him. He’s such a gift to me.  If I lived to be 200, it would not be enough years to spend enjoying him.  He makes my life so much better.

He’s makes ME so much better.

Happy 32nd Anniversary babe! ILY!!

Let’s have 132 more!!!!

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Unsplash

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