Helping people... help people

It's Lonely at the Top

We need community with our peers. No matter whether the top of your business is just you or you have 20 employees. This is where Direction, LLC changes the journey.

Either through one-to-one coaching/consulting or through Mastermind Groups, you’ll quickly realize and share the commonality of business and faith challenges. Others are struggling too and you’re not alone. As leaders, we go it alone while being the help to others. We seldom get this type of support for ourselves. We NEED our peers.

Having an authentic conversation with a peer in the midst of an emotional or spiritual panic attack is priceless. To have someone to talk to from a faith AND business perspective changes the game.

Work with Me

Membership in a Direction Mastermind Group is so much more than gatherings. Jennifer facilitates these groups from an owner’s point of view.

She created what she wished could have been available when she and her husband owned and operated a $2M business. She knows first-hand how busy you are and how many hats you wear. She has worked hard to ensure the content is relevant, your time is respected and all you have to do is show up.

She provides everything you need to have the best experience. She wants you to hop in your car, show up and your soul to leave energized and ready to tackle the next task or crisis.