About Jennifer

Because I can identify with the phrase “It’s lonely at the top”, I felt led to create some avenues for Christian business owners to feel less alone. Every time I sit across from an entrepreneur and tell them what they’re experiencing is very common among their peers, I can see the stress drop out of their shoulders and their entire countenance changes.

THEY. SMILE. EVERY. TIME. And without exception, they say “Really? Others feel this way too?”

It’s that smile I’m after. That smile indicates to me a release of the lonely, overwhelming feeling.

As business owners, we experience a special kind of responsibility. My heart is to help them walk through the overwhelm to the other side where they can find peace.

About Jennifer

After several decades of business ownership, Jennifer Edwards decided to take that experience and help others. When she received her degree in Organizational Communication from The University of Tulsa, she never imagined she’d have the opportunity to do something as cool this.

She is a consultant/coach to small businesses. She likes to say that she takes a look from a 30,000 foot view from above to help the owner get back on track and/or take the next step. Together they analyze marketing, ideal client, finances, goals, passions, visions, networking and a myriad of other topics.

She works to ensure their business is following the passion that made them start in the first place. She helps them with focus, clarity and getting to the next level. She provides a safe environment where they can analyze every system in the business to become more profitable.